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FOODIE FRIDAY for October 14, 2011

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1 FOODIE FRIDAY for October 14, 2011 on Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:36 pm

Sit down for this one, folks--it's gonna be a tough one to believe.

Ever since I've been back in Philly, I haven't had any cheese steaks. Not even one.

Seriously. I'm not pullin' your leg here.

It's because I've gone gluten-free. cheap jerseys from chinaNot for the fun of it (trust me, it's usually not tons of fun), but out of necessity. Bothersome digestive symptoms have gone away since I made that switch, and my tummy's feeling a lot better.

But it also means I don't get Philly cheese steaks, soft pretzels, or Tastykakes. And I was really looking custom made jerseysforward to those. *sigh* So instead, I search for restaurants that offer tasty gluten-free food (props to my parents and boyfriend, who are super-awesome and accompany me to the few places I can actually get something to blackhawks jerseyseat--extra-special props to my mom for learning to cook yummy gluten-free meals for me). Recently I found a local restaurant that makes plenty of foods gluten-free...but they can't spell. I'm probably going to go eat there at some point, but I'm really hoping that they're better at cooking gluten-free than they are at spelling.

Take all the "childerns" out to dinner! cheap jerseysYou can play a riveting game of "find the misspelling" while you wait for your food...

"Filo" dough isn't really an egregious mistake. miami heat jerseys I can't say the same about their "scope" snafu, though...

Dammit! I really wanted "stoppings" on my pizza...
Happy Friday, everyone!

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